Nod from US FDA sets up Claris Life Sciences as a low risk high return stock pick

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Claris Life Sciences is a new low risk high returns investment idea on our radar after getting an NOC from the US FDA.  Based on this news the stock was up ~20% today.

It is estimated from unconfirmed sources that the stock has high potential  to achieve an EPS of Rs 30-35 / share during FY13/FY14. This is a sizeable jump from the current Rs 20/share. Based on these expectations the stock is available at a PE of 8x 1 yr forward making it an extremely cheap stocks. Given its business of injectables it can easily get a PE of 12 as new products are launched and market starts recognising its true potential making it a multi bagger idea. However this is only a preliminary analysis based on here say and you are advised to do your own homework before investing in the stock.

Claris Lifesciences is one of the largest sterile injectables pharmaceutical companies in India with five manufacturing facilities spread over a 78-acre campus located in Ahmedabad,India. Claris primarily manufacture and market products across multiple markets, and therapeutic segments. A significant majority of these products are generic drugs that are capable of being directly injected into the human body and are predominantly used in the treatment of critical illnesses.

Its products range across various therapeutic segments, including anaesthesia, critical care, anti-infectives, renal care, infusion therapy, enteral & parenteral nutrition and oncology. We offer injectables in various delivery systems, such as glass and plastic bottles, vials, ampoules, pre-filled syringes and non-PVC/PVC bags.

Keep watching this space for new updates on the new find Claris Life Sciences which is a low risk high yielding investment or you may subscribe to the blog by clicking on the RSS links at top of the page or subscribing for email updates.

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