Return of QE provides low risk buying opportunities in Gold and Silver

Impending QE makes gold and silver a low risk high return buying opportunity

Big 4 Central Banks lining up for QE at their policy meetings

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With the Central Banks already having added $6 tr in money printing, they are set to print for even more more years given the lackadaisical state of Euroland and US purchasing power which is threatening to blow off. Everyone is looking back to the U.S. Federal Reserve, European Central Bank , Bank of England and Bank of Japan to stabilize the situation once more. And more quantitative easing is definitely up for grabs as it gets back on the agenda for all their upcoming policy meetings. This provides us with low risk entry into the precious metals markets.

If QE is delayed any further then the world will be stuck with a wave of banking holidays starting with the top 9 Banks in the United States through the plunging OTC derivatives contracts

This clearly means that money printing is very positive for both gold and silver.

Get gold and protect yourself

If you want to leverage off gold try silver

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