Tiny silver to take on mighty gold?

Silver at $37 taking on mighty gold at $1788 sounds a little preposterous. But eventually in our own life time or perhaps as early as in this decade itself silver will be rubbing shoulders with gold in price levels. I would expect this to happen even much sooner than that as the shortages of silver begin to bite.

The following presentation Why silver is the best investment over the next decade is a treatise on the history of silver, its demand supply and pricing and where it is expected to go.

The following picture shows the movement of silver which I expect to happen over the medium term and long term.

Silver price movement on basis of Elliot wave

Silver price target of $140 -400 on basis of Elliot wave perspective

One would wonder – “if all this is known to the market then why would the price is not up in the clouds already?” Th easnwer lies in the suppression of the silver prices by mighty western bankers whose very bane is going to be silver itself. The following chart shows what the long term price implications of silver are.

Silver all set to take off

Silver log chart shows dizzy silver prices in the long term

QE to infinity could well mean silver would rally to infinity
We all know that the OTC derivative contracts are all bleeding the western banks and that the Fed will do whatever it takes to ensure that these banks stay afloat. Even if it means indulge in the printing press till we all run out of forests to print paper. The more we print; a la Zimbabwe is the outcome. Rising silver prices is the only protection against the certainty of hyperinflation.

Download link Why Silver is the best investment over the next decade

Vinit Bolinjkar Head of Research, Ventura Securities Ltd

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