It’s your gold stupid, that they are after !!!

In the small print of the new Greek deal lies a heavy penalty clause wherein Greece’s lenders will have the right to seize all of its 111 tonnes of the gold reserves. This Greek gold seizure is merely a dry run for the seizure of gold from the other countries that are in trouble – Portugal (382.5 t), Spain (281.6 t), France (2,435.4 t) and Italy (2,451.8 t). Meanwhile, Iran and Sudan are using their gold to buy food for their countrymen as nothing else will pay for it. Soon it would be the countries of India and China which would have to part with their gold if the time comes when OPEC refuses payments in any other form. A few months ago there were some press reports that said that EU finance ministers discussed the possibility of the ECB gaining control over the gold reserves of member nations.

Private gold confiscation just round the corner ?
So now we know what the Arab spring, Libya and all these skirmishes are about. And each passing event brings to light the severe, pathologically sick nature of the illuminati to enforce the NWO (new world order) and its devious plans. It’s your gold stupid, that they are after! And if you don’t shore up your reserves then the toilet fiat would not even serve wiping your behind with, as it would be all electronic money – binary numbers with value diminishing at the speed of light. If the central gold could be plundered in this fashion, then what stops these psychopaths from confiscating privately held gold – as Roosevelt did in 1935?

Emulate Hugo Chavez, Out with Buffet
Hugo Chavez is a visionary and his move to repatriate Venezuelan gold from vaults outside the homeland was far ahead of all. IMHO, the Greek seizure of their gold will lead to rapid repatriation of Gold back to home shores, à la Hugo movement which would be rapid and voluminous. Germany will notably be the mother of all repatriators as it empties the FED vaults.

About time that the hoax US gold reserves stand exposed; US Dollar to toilet paper
The sorry state of affairs at the ISDA to protect the interests of the bankers who pedaled insurance against sovereign debt will only lead to more money printing which will inadvertently cause currency induced cost push inflation leading to extreme price inflation. As debt implodes, so will the dollar and will bring to re-surge the commodities as the alternate currency, as each country will avoid the US Dollar like the plague. Here is where the US would stand exposed – naked to the world – as its questionable and unaudited gold reserves would be demanded that they be counted.

Ides of March to expose cracks in the global financial system
This would be the first crack for the international monetary system and while IMF as the banker of last resort would try to stitch up the fabric, would it be in time? Im sure not! But there is certainty that ITS ABOUT TIME THAT GOLD WENT BALLISTIC and rose in geometric proportions. 7 to 20 times current prices is what I expect considering the current levels of monetary stimulus, with significant upside risks in case the bankers get manic depressive and go berserk at the money presses.

Gold price rise is an eventual outcome
The date to watch out for is March 12, 2012 when the crucification starts with oil going ballistic, gold intraday volatility jumping and shrapnelling the shorts. Already the gold price in Japanese yen is hitting all time highs and signalling that gold prices are going to runaway against all currencies; notably the USD. Keep those gold holdings close to your chest.

Gold price in Yen

Gold breakout in Japanese yen

Vinit Bolinjkar Head of Research, Ventura Securities Ltd

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5 responses to “It’s your gold stupid, that they are after !!!

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  2. While I don’t believe expropriation will happen this time, anything is possible. If it were to happen it would have to be be the new one central bank/government and they would have to declare that only banks and governments were legally allowed to hold gold. At this point, UCC has superceded the rights of individuals and I’ve already gone rogue. Good luck getting my gold at this point.

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